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American Tall

Denim Jackets for Tall Men in Dark Blue

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The American Tall Denim Jacket. 11.5 oz. stretch denim, adjustable waist tabs and cuffs. Twin chest pockets and side welt pockets. Double-faced inner yoke. American Classic.


James Dean. John Wayne. John Lennon. Bruce Springsteen. We grew up wanting to look like these guys; we grew up wanting to be these guys. Wind-tossed, sun-beaten, care-free, confident, layered underneath a worn denim jacket. Changing the winds of the social order by sheer force of denim-clad personality. 

Sometimes clothing is about function. Sometimes clothing is about form.  But sometimes, with a very few garments, clothing is the embodiment of a legacy, an expression of confidence, a memory of a shared tradition. The denim jacket is a memory you can wear - a nod to the long work days of your old man, the post-war industry of your grandfather, the hard justice of the dusty west. 

We’re a nostalgic lot here at American Tall.  So when we decided to craft a denim jacket for tall men, we did so with highest respect. The American Tall Denim Jacket is an homage to the classic. Traditional fit, embossed buttons, adjustable waist, just like Dad’s old jacket. We’ve made improvements on the design as well. Denim Jackets are notoriously stiff, so we’ve constructed our denim with the slightest spandex influence, for a softer handfeel and a bit of flexibility without sacrificing weight. 

You’re going to love this jacket, you’re going to wear it everywhere, and you’re going to wear it for years. And that’s okay. You’re in good company.

SIZE & Fit:

Adjustable waist tabs
Adjustable cuffs
Model is 6'7", 200lbs, wearing size M Tall 


11.5 oz stretch denim
Dark Blue color
99.2% cotton, 0.8% spandex
Embossed buttons
2 chest pockets with button
2 side welt pockets
Locker loop
Double faced inner yoke
Machine wash

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